What is mediation? How is it legally regulated in Kosovo? How can be applied for dispute resolution? Where is mediation obtained? All these questions and other relevant matters falling within the ambit of mediation practice found answers during the information tour on mediation carried in the northernmost municipalities by ADRC with the support of GIZ – Kosovo. 

For over a month, ADRC organized 4 public information – sessions aimed at informing the citizens of the 4 – northernmost municipalities about the mediation practice in Kosovo, the legal framework regulating mediation and the mediation services provided by our Center. More than 90 citizens attended the info – sessions and received detailed information on mediation and how it can be applied for easier, quicker and cost-efficient dispute resolution & access to justice. 

Projected and delivered by ADRC, the public info – sessions were designed to increase the awareness of the Kosovo Serb community on the use of mediation and foster their understanding of the mediation process. 

With the support of GIZ – Kosovo, other synergetic actions of similar informatory & promotional nature were also taken. Namely, an advertisement and info video – graphic explaining step – by – step mediation process were aired, respectively, published in local TV and social media. 
ADRC will continue to assiduously promote and bring its mediation services closer to the all citizens of northern Kosovo.

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