As part the project ‘’Increasing efficiency of justice delivery system in Mitrovicë/Mitrovica region by addressing case backlog’’, implemented by the ADRC – Mediation Center Mitrovica and funded by UNMIK, ten translators and two legal associates have been engaged and assigned in the Basic Court of Mitrovica. The signing of six translators in November and the remainder in December was a step taken towards improving the efficiency of justice delivery in the region. In effect, the largest obstacle to the effective integration of the justice system is the limited capacity for professional translation. This has resulted in inadequacies in terms of legal translation and the impossibility of providing comprehensive information in particular in the Serbian language. The appointment of the translators will bridge these shortcomings.

The increased human capacity of the Basic Court will enable for a better management of cases, thus reducing the backlog. By supporting the judges in their work and improved justice delivery in Mitrovica, the ADRC is granting citizens access to their right to unencumbered justice. The signing of these translators and legal advisors will therefore benefit both the legal institutions, the parties involved and, more fundamentally, the citizens of the city.

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