Mitrovica Mediation Center held its regular meeting with mediators on 12th of November in order to exchange experiences gained so far from the process and updating the mediators over the activities that have been done meantime.

Several cases that have been solved so far were an extraordinary opportunity to know how mediators can handle similar situations and help each other with the experiences gained through mediation sessions. MCM helped mediators with administrative issues and will continue to be logistically very helpful to the process. Parties, according to mediators, are very satisfied with the services that are provided and were very cooperative throughout the process.

Mediators were informed about the establishment of Mediator’s Association and they elected 6 mediators to represent the group to the meeting of the Board of the Association will take place. The representatives of Mitrovica region are: Senver Morina, Erita Zeneli, Edmond Kumnova, Basri Rexha, Hiljmnijeta Apuk dhe Is-hak Ramaxhiku.

In the future, several meetings and bilateral meetings will be organized, based on the mediators needs and interests.

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