Mitrovica, July 2014- Mediation Center Mitrovica  hosted a meeting with Mr.Thorsten Frei member of the German Bundestag , who is visiting Kosovo as part of KAS Foundation initiative to meet German politicians with Kosovo Institutions and CSO’s.  The meeting was an opportunity for civil society organizations to express their opinions and visions about their work done so far in Mitrovica and their expectations for the future.



Mr. Bekim Ismaili, Head of MCM and CSSP Kosovo Office, welcomed Mr.Frei in MCM office in the name of CSSP Berlin Center for Integrative Mediation and MCM Mitrovica. He explained the current situation in Mitrovica and the effects of mediation in resolving the disputes among the citizen that approach MCM. Mr. Ismaili also said that there is a need for more dialogue and talks between grassroots organizations and local communities in one hand and institutions in another.

Mr. Frei said that he is delighted to see the success of Kosovo as a society and expressed his willingness to hear more about the developments in Mitrovica now but also for the future. Mr. Frei stated that Germany is willing to stay along Kosovo in its path towards EU integration process and therefore he and his colleagues are here to personally pass this message to Kosovo’s Institutions and its people.

Other participants of this meeting had the opportunity to present their work and be informed about Mr. Frei’s views on different topics.

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