Mitrovica, 04/02/2014- MCM together with Judge Besnik Feka, Administrator and the rest of the Court represenatitives, organized information session with parties selected by Judge Feka. 119 parties were invited to participate to the session in order to be informed for the advantages and benefits of mediation as alternative dispute resolution. Judge Feka opened the session by explaining to the parties why they are invited and what is the purpose of choosing their case for court referral to the Mediation Center for mediation. More details about the entire process and procedures in this regard were explained to all present parties and legal representatives of different institutions in Kosovo.

Out of these cases 42 parties agreed to try mediation for resolution of their cases and signed agreement for mediation, 8 parties agreed to try mediation as ADR and MCM staff will contact other party (with prior approval of the Judge and court) with necessary explanations and it is to them to decide do they also want to try mediation as ADR.  Some parties asked for some time to discuss with their Lawyers and then inform MCM about final decision, and about 30 did not want to accept mediation as ADR or missed the sessions.


Two mediators were present as well, so parties and judge – court representatives could physically see mediators, and receive any information in case requested.

Mr. Bekim Ismaili, the head of MCM explained the process of establishment of Mediation Process in Kosovo and in Mitrovica particularly, first steps of establishing Mediation Center in Mitrovica and advantages of Mediation Agreement (the role of Mediator in reaching the agreement). Rules and regulations as well as principles of mediation were in detail explained to all. Furthermore, Mr. Fisnik Kumnova Office Manager of MCM-South Office, talked about activities of MCM, entire process of court and out of court referral, logistics and administration of cases with sensitivity. Furthermore, presented figures of previous cases (how many are solved successfully, the ones that are in process etc) and process of Mediation (the role of MCM in organizing the sessions and cooperation with basic court of Mitrovica, etc.).

During the information session and by the end of the session, parties had the opportunity to be more concrete in their questions and explore all their issues and concerns in regard to the process, reliability of MCM, executive power and validation of the final decision and so one. Also some other issues-questions were brought up as if the agreement is legally binding for the parties, are mediators reachable any time and other technical remarks.

Judge Feka, Mr. Ismaili and Mr. Kumnova answered in detail all questions and concerns raised during this session.

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