On the 13th of November, the Mediation Center Mitrovica (MCM) organized a “NGO Round table on Juvenile Mediation: “Chances and Challenges” in order to exchange the ideas and thoughts with the NGO’s working with youth, aiming to receive NGO perception of how can juvenile conflicts best be approached and prevented and the chances for support, develop and implement peer mediation.

NGO of Mitrovica, from northern and southern part, had opportunities to share the perceptions of the work done so far in the field. The round table served to have an overview on topics regarding youth, conflicts and the potential of mediation in order to discuss them in a broader frame such as a public hearing where school directors, teachers, social workers, municipal safety structures and police would be included.

The participants of the round table, have expressed their ideas how youth disputes can be dealt with and have agreed on joint efforts in contacting possible stakeholders in order to first address the issue and then agree on further steps. The possible north-south cooperation was also discussed and in meantime the participants have agreed to have mutual meetings to coordinate activities related to the issue.

Among the proposals that were coming from the NGO’s there was one idea to organize bilateral meetings with directors of the schools, student’s councils and parents councils before organizing a public debate which will gather representatives of Police of Kosovo, Center for Social Work and all other local institutions that are related to addressing of the issue.

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