ADRC/Alternative Dispute Resolution Center and CSSP/Berlin Center for Integrative Mediation organized the third training module as part of the ‘’Creating the Third Side through Mediation’’ component. A group of 14 people from Mitrovica region were trained as community mediators. These trainings provided a forum for the exchange of ideas and professional development for the participants.


The three training modules held from February to April, 2017 delivered hands-on and experiential learning on the following topics:

  • Theory on conflict and conflict analysis,
  • Integrative mediation and
  • Peacebuilding

Consequently, the group had the opportunity to acquire mediation skills for effective resolution of conflicts and disputes in their communities.

Training modules held within ‘’Creating the Third through Mediation’’ were supported by: Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo, Swiss Embassy in Kosovo and Auswärtiges Amt (Federal Foreign Office of Germany).

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