On December 3rd 2013, MCM hosted a meeting with Mr.McAllister, a German politician of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), together with other civil society organizations which were present during the meeting. During the discussions Bekim Ismaili, Head of MCM, welcomed the guests and said that MCM is glad that it can be an open space to everybody to meet and share ideas and thoughts.

Civil society organization representatives said that Kosovo generally and Mitrovica specifically have passed an important democratic test whiles the local elections were organized and held peacefully and the parties were campaigning fairly. Except from the incident on the 3rd of November in the northern Mitrovica, they said, in other parts of Kosovo and in the second round, the elections went very calm and with a higher turnout of voters comparing with previous elections.

McAllister said that he is in Kosovo personally to be acquainted with the political situation, perceptions and hopes of Kosovo institutions and individuals. According to him, Kosovo is and will be on the loop of EU and Germany regarding integration process.

The meeting was organized by KAS, Office in Kosovo, as part of their initiative to meet German officials from parties in Germany, with NGOs and institutions in Kosovo.

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