In MCM, Civil society organizations met with Mr. Rainer Wieland, Dep.Head of Europian Parliament. Bekim Ismaili Head of MCM, thanked Mr. Wieland for the continuous support that the European Parliament is offering Kosovo, especially in the process of European integration, being one of the most supportive in this regard.

On the other hand Mr.Wieland said that once Stabilization and Association Agreement is signed  it will be submitted for approval in the European Parliament. This institution has its role in the final part of the visa liberalization process. When it comes to this institution, these processes are expected to be supported, taking into account the tradition of full support of the EU integration process of Kosovo by the European Parliament.

Other civil society activists had questions over Europian Integration process and other issues mainly concerning EU funds in Kosovo. Mr.Wieland said that it is at most importance that civil society is engaged more in open society and fighting corruption and rule of law.

After the discussions over EU topics, Bekim Ismaili and Fisnik Kumnova informed all present over MCM establishment,  number of cases, challenges and successes and cooperation with justice institutions on rule of law margins.

This meeting was arranged by KAS Kosovo Office, in continuation of visits of European politicians in Kosovo.

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