Mediation Center Mitrovica was founded in 2013 by CSSP Berlin Center for Integrative Mediation with the support of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Pristina, Swiss Embassy in Pristina and German Foreign Office. In 2016 MCM was registered as a local organization by the name of Alternative Dispute Resolution Center (ADRC).

The overall goal of the organization is to provide mediation services for Mitrovica region citizens and to promote mediation as alternative dispute resolution mechanism. ADRC works to mediate both out-of-court and court, and prosecution-referred disputes, intervening in a low-cost and time-efficient manner and operating under the relevant legal provisions (the Law on Mediation (nr.03/L-057), enacted in 2008) and under the official agreements with Kosovo Judicial Council and Kosovo Prosecutorial Council to address the legitimate grievances of conflicting parties. Recognized by the legislative act, once approved by the court/prosecution any agreement reached in the process of mediation has executive power.

In addition to the mediation casework, ADRC contributes also to the wider reconciliation initiatives and commitments in Mitrovica region by building human potentials for dialogue and negotiation and by providing a framework within which members of different ethnicities can engage and work towards the resolution of intra/inter-ethnic disputes.

The center draws from the experience of its network of 49 mediators coming from various ethnic groups and professional backgrounds, who are trained by CSSP and ADRC in cooperation with Mediation Commission and are licensed by Ministry of Justice. Over the past 5 – years we have managed to find quick solution to hundreds of legal cases in Mitrovica region, to be exact 701 cases in total, overseeing successful mediation in 88% of these instances, thus enabling access to justice for over 1500 parties, that otherwise would have to go through bureaucratic, long (time-consuming) and costly procedures.

Our mediation casework is implemented in cooperation with Basic Court of Mitrovica (and its branches located in Leposaviq, Vushtrri, Skenderaj and Zubin Potok) and Basic Prosecution from where we receive cases suitable for mediation in accordance with the Law on Mediation.

ADRC – Mediation Center Mitrovica is composed by multi-ethnic staff and operates in a multi-ethnic area of Mitrovica.

If you have an unresolved dispute and you prefer to resolve it in a sustainable and cost-efficient way, contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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