3:18 | Friday, 3. May, 2019

Creating “a Third Side” in Mitrovica

Alternative Dispute Resolution Center – Mediation Center Mitrovica is launching a Call for Applications for its Creating ‘’a Third Side’’ program.

Creating ‘’a Third Side” aims:

  • to develop the knowledge, skills, and experience of sixteen (16) young people  (aged between 16-28) from North and South Mitrovica to act as intra/inter-community mediators and advocates of change, and
  • to initiate contact and facilitate dialogue between youth from South and North Mitrovica.


The Approach and Structure of Creating ‘’a Third Side”

Creating ‘’a Third Side” envisages three (3) sets of training, all lasting six (6) days in topics of human rights, conflict resolution, mediation, and activism. The sets of training will be followed by a small – scale grant scheme for the participants of the program, aimed at supporting their ideas and initiatives in improving inter-ethnic communication and in contributing to reconciliation efforts in Mitrovica.

The first set of training (2 days) focused on key-concepts of human rights, conflict resolution and mediation will take place in Mitrovica on 16th and 17th May 2019.

The second set of training (3 days) will be organized in Skopje, North Macedonia in the final week of May 2019 and will be focused on activism. A considerate space will also be given to the conflict(s) between Kosovo-Serbs and Kosovo-Albanians in Mitrovica, its causes, contributing factors and its repercussions on the daily lives of the participants. Within this set of training, the participants will also brainstorm upon joint ideas for small actions or projects, that will be supported by ADRC within the small – scale grant scheme. The small – scale grant scheme will be implemented between June – October 2019.

The third session will focus on evaluation. Participants will discuss lessons learned from their dialogue process and the implementation of small activities, define measures to improve and extend their endeavors and identify new entry points for further efforts. The third session will last one day. It will be held in Mitrovica in October 2019.


Timeframe: May – October 2019


Arrangements: All expenses related to participation in the program Creating ‘’a Third Side” will be covered by ADRC.


Working languages: Albanian, Serbian and English. Simulations translation will be provided.



If you are interested in applying for the program, please submit the following documents:

  • CV
  • Motivation Letter

You are advised to organize your motivational letter around five (5) paragraphs or sections that give a presentation of yourself and your motivation for participation, your understanding of human rights, your understanding of conflict, your knowledge on mediation, your potential ideas for the small projects.

Deadline: The deadline for the submission of applications is May 10, 2019. Please send your documents in this email: info@localhost  

Note: Gender and geographic balance criteria will be applied in the selection process.


The results of CfA will be known latest on May 14, 2019.


Supported by Swiss Embassy in Kosovo and The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo.